Saturday, June 4, 2011

Attack at Weathertop Pt 1 Frodo

For regular follower's of Toys & Stuff, yesterday was going to be the conclusion of my series on Auburn's neat rubber-like vinyl fire engine and emergency vehicles. I WAS going to feature one of the sets many of these pieces came in but after looking at the photos I noticed that I was still lacking some pieces, sooooo, I got on eBay and found what I needed! Hopefully by next week the additional pieces will arrive and I can re-photograph the whole set. I mean, if you're collecting this stuff, wouldn't you prefer seeing a complete set?

COMMENTS:  For those of you who have submitted comments, you'll notice that your comment and my subsequent reply are both shown directly below the particular post you made the comment about. Up 'til now, I haven't really gotten back to folks directly via e-mail preferring instead to let everyone see my reply on the blog, but from now on I'll try to make a more personal reply - as time permits of course.  And I thank all of you for your comments.

OK, now on to Sci-Fi and Fantasy Saturday. Today we bring the third offering in our look at Play Along Toys Armies of Middle Earth Soldiers and Scenes three-packs: Attack at Weathertop. For fans of the LOTR this is of course the fight wherein Frodo was stabbed by the Ringwraith with the fell blade and started to fade. This particular set doesn't show a 'faded' Frodo BUT there is another set in the series, which I'll cover at a later date, which has a translucent Frodo. In all there are several sets depicting the action at Weathertop but for now we'll just concentrate on this one.

One more thing (gosh, doesn't this guy ever shut up?)  There is a website called 'Playset Addict' and run by Joe Baker. Joe sets up magnificent playset dioramas and photographs them and THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! If you like to see toys and playsets in other than static poses (like here on my blog) then this is the place for you.  Here's Joe's homepage (it's also listed in the sidebar to the right of the page):

But here's the real purpose for the plug. He has several Lord of The Rings dioramas with spectacular photography using Play Along Toys series of figures. Check out his LOTR gallery:


Attack at Weathertop: Frodo, Sam & Ringwraith
Wave 1
Issued by: Play Along Toys
Assortment: 48100
Item Number: 48101
Issue Date: 25 Jul 2003
Issue Price: $8.99