Sunday, June 5, 2011

McDonald's Young Justice #1 - Robin

As promised, today on Sunday Comics Sunday we start a new series - McDonald's Happy meals Young Justice toys based on the TV cartoon 'Young Justice'. On Sunday's I like to feature things that have some kind of comic tie-in and I s'pose that television cartoons are a close kin to that. Anywho, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  :-)

I really don't watch a lot of TV anymore. I channel surf. And surf, and surf, and ...... I can't explain it other than I'm so terribly burnt out with the unbelievable amount of onerous garbage on the tube that very little actually catches my attention and interest. However, that being said, I have managed to channel surf and land on Cartoon Network while 'Young Justice' is on.  More and more I do kind of like it. The animation is nice, the super hero story lines are better than they were when I was a youngin' and of course it's a nice twist to see some of the characters portrayed as younger people. When I was growing up there was Flash, but not Kid Flash, Aquaman but not Aquaboy, etc.

This line of McDonald's Happy Meal toys is copyrighted 2011 and there are eight figures in the series. To avoid the unnecessary caloric intake, I choose not to actually visit The Golden Arches to buy my toys. Instead I rely on buying whole sets directly from eBay sellers.  I have absolutely no problems with that. I get the whole set at once, and the eBay seller makes a little extra money for doing the work of amassing the collections. It's a win-win situation. The figures in this particular series are fairly large at ca4" (10.2cm) in height and each figure has some form of operating feature. Today we'll look at Robin, who is seated on his motorcycle. It measures 3 1/16" (7.8cm) H x 4 7/8" (12.4cm) L from tip of projectile to the rear. Robin's body is molded integral to the cycle body but Robin's head is a separate casting allowing it to swivel from side to side. The front and rear wheels are also molded into the cycle body but there is a center geared wheel which rotates and acts as the release mechanism for the two spring-loaded projectiles. It's a nifty toy and a nice addition to the Super Hero Pantheon of Toys. Enjoy!