Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Batman The Brave and The Bold #3: Aquaman, Batman Robot, Black Manta

Today, Toys & Stuff brings you the third set in McDonald's 2011 'The Brave and The Bold' series featuring Aquaman, a Batman Robot, and the Black Manta. The more I look at 'The Brave and The Bold' series the more I like it. First, you get more bang for the buck as each package contains three action figures versus just one. They're smaller but that's okay. And even though the figures are not articulated, that's just fine. Remember playing with those little green army men? Well, they weren't articulated either and kids always had fun with those.  Also, there are several Batman figures in different poses in this series as you'll see in the weeks to come and lastly it's neat to see cartoon figures translated into three-dimensional toys and retaining all the charm of their television screen counterparts. Enjoy!


 Batman Robot

Black Manta