Monday, August 29, 2011

Marx Fort Apache Headquarters with Stable

As I get around to photographing the collection one thing is apparent; the abundance of Marx 'shoebox' buildings, so-called because of their rectangular shape, 5" (12.7cm) H x 4" (10.2cm) W x 12" (30.5) L. But in these you won't find a pair of Buster Brown's or P.F. Flyer's (if you're a child of the '50s you 'll know exactly what I'm talking about).

Today on Toys and Stuff we feature the 'shoebox' Fort Apache Headquarters with Stable. The first Fort Apache set came out in 1951 and was an immediate and enduring hit with kids. I had always looked forward to visiting my Uncle Al and Aunt Dorothy because they had a Fort Apache set always at the ready for use by their grand kids. Later on I would be fortunate to get a set for Christmas - it was the Sears Heritage set from 1961. The basic box shapes of the 'shoebox' series of buildings could always be plussed-up through the use of plastic add-ons as is the case with this building. Through the addition of a porch, opening stable doors, and a lookout tower, this building is taken to the next level in terms of design and aesthetics. It's also fun!

The Fort Apache sets have been dubbed the 'King of Playsets' and were able to adapt and change with the times. This particular building ushered in a beautiful flat finish lithography and stood 11" (27.9cm) H to the top of the mast.  It was the same type that came with my childhood set  from 1961. Enjoy!