Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Building A Memory - Schreiber-Bogen's "Pfalz im Rhein bei Kaub" Pt 3

The "Pfalz im Rhein bei Kaub" castle is nearly finished. This past week I worked on the central tower. It went almost without a hitch EXCEPT for the very top roof section. It's a little piece with eight sides that, when glued together, is supposed to have a somewhat rounded shape. That little booger gave me fits!!! It was probably a combination of unsteady fingers, poor eyesight, old age, the stars weren't aligned right - something. Prior to gluing, each of the sections were rounded/bent by rolling them over a small round object (I used my wife's crochet hook). That SHOULD have made it easier to glue-up but it was simply difficult for me holding two roof sections together in an arc waiting for the glue to set up so that I could get on to the next section. Tweezers helped somewhat but they're made for straight objects and didn't work very well on the small curved forms. Anyway, it finally went together and here's a couple of photos to show this week's progress. Enjoy!