Saturday, September 3, 2011

AOME LOTR - Orcs of Cirith Ungol

Today on Toys & Stuff we bring another handsome group of dustbin licker's! :-) We've been looking at various nasties from Middle Earth the past couple of weeks and this crop of Play Along Toys, Armies of Middle Earth Orcs is no disappointment. If anything, these three are somehow dirtier and grungier than the others presented. All-in-all they make a fine addition to the coterie of bad guys! Enjoy!

Orcs of Cirith Ungol: Shagrat; Gorbang; Orc with Mace
Wave 4
Issued by: Art Asylum / Play Along Distribution
Assortment: 48100
Item Number: 48115
Issue Date: Dec 2003
Issue Price: $8.99




Orc with Mace