Sunday, September 4, 2011

McDonald's 2011 Batman The Brave and The Bold #4

Today's Toys & Stuff Sunday Comics offering is a continuation of the McDonald's 2011 'Batman The Brave and The Bold' series. Our featured set is  #4 with Batman, the Riddler, and Plastic Man. The nice thing about this series is the inclusion of several different Batman figures, each in a different pose and in this set he's shown throwing a Batarang. Plastic Man takes the form of a sports car in this set.

I've been playing on the computer this week and came up with a couple of graphics. Not high art to be sure but fun nevertheless. The combo shot of Batman and the Batmobile was a bit of a challenge. The program I used to create a .PNG image with a transparent background didn't really work as well as I'd hoped and I ended up doing a bit of Photoshopping. In short, all the area that was SUPPOSED to be transparent wasn't! In any case I gave it a try and with some more practice maybe I can come up with some nifty stuff and thereby putting the 'Stuff' in Toys & Stuff. Enjoy!

 This photo shows the single roller beneath the vehicle. This is common to all vehicles in the series in lieu of two sets of wheel/axle combinations