Friday, January 27, 2012

Dairy Queen 1998 Rock DQ Flintstones Premium - Wilma on Keyboards

Today marks the start of a small transition here at Toys & Stuff. We are moving away from Fire Engine and Emergency Vehicle Friday to Flintstones Friday! Fire Engines and assorted toys will still appear here on Friday as they become available. I do have a few more to feature, but quite frankly I'm running out of toys! Took me awhile though huh? Flintstones have been and continue to be a popular theme. The quirky Stoneage Family never fails to bring a smile to people's faces however, to the best of my ability, Sunday's will still be reserved for comic book or Sunday comics related toys.

Today we start the transition to Flintstones by featuring the 1998 Rock DQ Dairy Queen premiums. There were four figures in this set: Wilma on Keyboards, Fred on Vocals, Dino the Rythm Ace, and Barney on Bongos. Each of the figures features some kind of movement and Wilma swivels left and right on her seat. When we're through featuring all four figures I'll show you how to make a quick display for them. Enjoy!