Saturday, January 28, 2012

Playmates - #66002 Gripping Kong

Today's posting comes a little late but it's been kind of busy here, trying to take a gazillion photos of things to blog. Anyway, today is Sci-Fi and Fantasy Saturday and Toys & Stuff continues with our entry of Playmates 'King Kong' series of toys: the #66002 Gripping Kong. The set comes with a highly articulated King Kong figure gripping a length of rope, an Ann Darrow figure, and a large bug - a Weta-Rex. The Weta is a real bug found in New Zealand, they're just not THIS big, so it must be a hats-off salute to Peter Jackson's native homeland.  It's a nice set and Kong's extra articulation, to include gripping feet, was sure to please youngsters. Enjoy!