Monday, January 23, 2012

Marx Ranch Set Large Cabin With Porch

Well, we're through with the Christmas tins, time to get back to Marx tin. Truth be told, there may be some 'dark' weeks where there won't be any Marx tin offered on Toys & Stuff, only because I'll need to start taking more photos. I should have some other tin offerings though that I can post in lieu of Marx so all is not lost. So let's get the New Year started with an early Marx cabin.

Among the earliest offerings of this style of Marx tin-litho cabin was from the Ranch Set of 1951. The 59 piece Ranch Set included a handful of cowboys, horses, steers, accessories, and enough brown plastic fence pieces to make a good sized compound complete with corral. It differed from later Marx Western playsets in that it was a very benign set. No good guys vs,.bad guys or Cowboys vs. Indians that would characterize Western sets in the years to come. Still, it's a nice piece from a neat little set. Enjoy!