Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of The Dragon - Happy New Year!

Dragons - Myth or Reality? Personally I can't say, but one thing is for certain, for generations they have  brought fear, and awe to many, inspired story after story and our civilization is richer for the stories they've inspired. They are legend! As today marks the beginning of The Year of The Dragon I thought I would pull out one of the dragon's from my collection (yes, I collect dragons TOO!), and an Asian style dragon at that. As you know the Asian style dragon differs from its European counterpoint in that it doesn't have wings and resembles a long serpent. However, this is a dragon with a past, my past. When I was just a wee lad, before I collected anything, before I really appreciated the cool toys I now blog about, my mother made this for me. During the late 50's she began to take up ceramics and made many items our family would come to cherish long after her death. She made me two Asian style dragons - this one, and a larger one which is actually just a dragon's head, both done in the same turquoise coloring with rhinestone eyes. These two date to about 1961 and are my earliest pieces. Today's featured dragon measures 7" (17.8cm) H x 11" (27.9cm)  L. As time - and energy - permits, I hope to feature a few more dragons from my collection this year, but for right now I'm running a little behind and must move on to other things - Enjoy!