Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mattel 2010 T9751-09A0AG1 Track Stars Batman...The Batmobile

I found this Mattel Hot Wheels Batmobile a couple of months ago but had put off posting it because there were just too many other things going on. Now that I'm starting to feature the Flintstones on Friday, Sunday can go revert to Batman or other Super Heroes - and of course whatever other stuff comes to to the fore! 

This is a nifty little Hot Wheels offering done up in a matte black finish. It's actually covered with a very fine grain flocking type of material giving it that retro look of the the 1966 Batmobile. For those who may be unaware, During the 1960s, when the Adam West/ Burt Ward 'Batman' series was popular, there were several of the 1966 Batmobile's made specifically for touring the country and for awhile they had a matte black flocking material applied to them. I actually saw one of those vehicles along with Adam West at a car show back in the either the late '60s or early '70s. There are two concerns I have with this particular toy. First, on my car, small patches of the flocking had been worn off, probably due to being banged around in its packaging. Imagine what punishment it will take in the hands of a youngster! Also, this finish attracts dust faster than a Swiffer Duster! Holy Cow! I took it out of the package, set it directly on my photo area for picture takin' and there was already dust on it!. Canned air (the type used for blowing dust off of the computer) works well in these instances, followed up by a little Photoshopping as needed. Still, it's a real cool addition to the Batmobile collection.

As a bonus I have added an info graphic: 'Batman and The History of The Bat-Suit' by Benjamin Andrew Moore. I had first seen this on the Bat-Blog ( and followed up with a written request to Mr. Moore for using the graphic here. He kindly consented and it is presented here for your enjoymment. So, without further ado - Enjoy!