Sunday, February 12, 2012

2010 Hasbro Marvel Universe Series 2 #030 Ghost Rider

Today on Toys & Stuff we bring you the Ghost Rider from Hasbro whose demonic looks belie the fact that he's one of the good guys. Armed with his fiery chain he's one hot biker dude! This is one of Hasbro's 4" (10.2cm) scale series of Super Heroes but measures about 3 3/4"H (9.5cm) - 4" being a convenient way to describe the average height of the various figures some of which are taller, some shorter. From the side he looks rather thin though and I wonder if they do this to save on the amount of plastic used or...? This figure is missing one terribly important accessory - his bike - and it doesn't appear as if Hasbro has made a Ghost Rider figure in the 4" scale with a bike - yet (however, Toy Biz makes a really cool Ghost Rider figure with bike in the larger 6" series). Anyway, this is a neat figure with multiple points of articulation and a nice display base. Enjoy!