Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hasbro 2010 Marvel Universe Series 3 #010 Cyclops

I'm overwhelmed. I never was a super hero toy collector until I started collecting Batmobile's, and then some of the fast food restaurant super hero toys that were in some tied in to Batman. After seeing "Captain America The First Avenger" in the theater last year I bought a few more figures, then a few more, then more....arrrrrgh! I've now started to take pictures of my acquisitions and in doing a little research it is now clear to me that this is a fruitless task. I never fully realized until just a couple of weeks ago just how MANY different super hero figures the toy companies have produced. These things must generate a healthy income otherwise they wouldn't keep spitting them out the way they do. Okay, so here's the deal - I'm gonna post what I have for Sunday Comics Sunday's here at Toys & Stuff which should take us into May or June and once that's done I may have to move on to other things. perhaps I'll pick a certain hero (or villain) or group of heroes and just stick with that. We shall see...

Now, on to today's featured toy - Hasbro's Marvel Universe Series 3 #010 offering from 2010, Cyclops! Cyclops was the first member of the X-Men enlisted by Professor Xavier. His history is long and convoluted as befits today's super hero story telling - the twists and turns in his 'life' are what keeps the comics going and for a better understanding of who and what he is check out Marvel Universe at:

The toy itself is of the 4" scale variety and comes with a display stand which has the character's name and series number on it. I also noticed a defect in some of these stands. There is a problem with the little pegs which are supposed to fit under the feet of the figure.One of the pegs are too long (or the hole in the foot is too short) to accept the peg. I had to trim it down in order for the figure to stand halfway decent.  Still, it's a neat figure and the base allows for easy display. Enjoy!