Saturday, February 4, 2012

Playmates - #66005 Kong vs Piranhadon

We're not through with Peter Jackson's 'King Kong' yet. Playmates offered several more sets with this smaller Kong figure. There were at least two other sets featuring larger figures:  one set has a large Kong and the other set features a larger T-Rex type nemesis. Then there was the big Skull Island playset as well as a small game complete with a little Kong figure. 

Today's featured set "Kong vs Piranhadon" has Kong fighting a big fishing lure, I mean nasty piranha-like fish. But seriously, the fictional Piranhadon figure included in this set is made of a soft plastic and really does resemble a fishing lure, except that its jaw is spring-loaded for chomping action!. The Kong figure's left arm is posed in a fairly permanent clenched position, while the right arm is actuated by a a lever in Kong's back. Pressing the lever causes Kong's right arm to come down in a punching action. I like how the Kong figures all have battle-scarred bodies - bloody faces, chests, and backs - attest to the mean, hard scrabble  life he lives on Skull Island. It's a neat set. Enjoy!