Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playmates #66003 Kong vs Venatosaurus

Today is the last of Playmates "King Kong" sets featuring a 6 1/4" (15.9cm) H Kong figure: #66003 Kong vs Venatosaurus (Hunter Lizard). The most dangerous predator Skull Island, this fictional version of a modern day Raptor was still no match for our hero Kong as evidenced by the collapsing feature of this Kong nemesis. Kong features a right arm that stays raised above his head until one presses the button on his back, allowing the arm to drop. At the end of this blog, you'll see all the Kong's from each of the sets featured in one line-up Enjoy!

Wind-up here to tighten all the limbs

Press this button to collapse 

King Kong Korus Line

A King Kong Line-up