Sunday, March 25, 2012

2010 Hasbro Marvel Universe Series 2 #029 Mystique

Mystique the villainous Blue Shape-Changing Babe :-)  It seems that all comic book super hero/villain females are good looking and, how shall I say it? - Busty. Mystique is no different. Aside from the obvious assets, as a toy figurine it has hits and misses. The downside is that there is significant bleed through of the blue into the white. It looks good on her top but her boots and gloves are supposed to be white - not bluish white. Also, on my figure the left eye is smaller than the right and the right eye appears as if it has a pupil when in fact both eyes are drawn as solid white! In some photos it gives the appearance that she looks cross-eyed. She comes with an automatic rifle which, because of the toys' articulation is a tad bit tricky to pose her with. And those hands - lordy they're big! Also, I've noticed a problem with all these figures with bases - at least one of the pegs on the display base is too long (or the hole in the corresponding sole of the foot too small) to  allow the feet to stand perfectly flat on the stand. One has to either nip off a chunk of the peg, or drill out the hole a little more.

The figure comes with 'secret file' and a nice card. I kinda like the cards that come with these things - they have neat artwork and, if you don't collecct bubble gum cards, they're a good stand in. Now as a toy, not a display piece, she does well. She stands upright with little problem and can hold multiple poses just fine. I remember as a kid playing with little green army men, and it used to frustrate me when I couldn't do something simple like have the figures stand up. Think about it, if you're a kid playing with these figures, wouldn't you want them to just stay put? Right? Some of the articulated action figures seem to be so awkwardly made that it's very difficult to find their center of gravity and have them stand decently. Fortunately our villanoius little figure today isn't one of those! Enjoy!