Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marx Tom Corbett Space Car

Saturday's on Toys & Stuff have been reserved for Sci-Fi and Fantasy and much of the past year and a half has been filled with Lord of The Rings and King Kong toys. Now, that being said, I still have a TON of LOTR stuff to photograph BUT oh Lordy I have been itchin' to get to the space stuff! I'm gonna make some tentative steps in that direction with today's featured toy, the Space Car from Marx's Tom Corbett (and other) playsets. This is such a cool vehicle. It's made of a beautiful Royal Blue hard plastic and holds a 54mm spaceman driver. There is a separate clear plastic canopy and a set of free rolling wheels underneath. These can get a tad pricey and expecto to pay at least $50 or more for one in decent condition whether it has a driver or not. Enjoy Space Cadets :-)  !

I just purchsed Corel PaintShop Pro x4 and started playing with it. Through the magic of its object extractor, a space car from the future has been transported from Area 51 to Las Vegas!