Thursday, June 21, 2012

Built-Rite Business Block - Partial Set

I've posted before about how hard it is to acquire a complete Built-Rite Business Block. The last time I bid on one over at fleaBay the darn thing went for about $250! GEEZ! That's w-a-y outta my league. That being said, it is after all the star in the Built-Rite series of buildings from the 1930s and is a very desirable piece. 

I've noticed that over the past couple of years there have been a number of loose ends on the blog - series of toys I just never finished, diorama's I said I would make and then didn't, etc., so perhaps today will be a small step towards tying up one of those loose ends by presenting the few pieces of the Business Block I do have. It'll also be a starting point for those interested in trying to make their own repo of this fascinating structure. I am confused about one thing though. The back of piece 5 shows the exploded view diagram of the structure and it clearly lists only five pieces: 2 long walls, 2 short walls, 1 roof piece. So where does the base come in? There is in fact a base to this and it should have been listed as Piece No. 6. As usual, because of the length of the pieces, hey had to be scanned in multiple parts so the walls are divided into a left, middle, and right. Perhaps one day I'll own a complete building to photgraph and - Enjoy!

CORRECTION (21 Jun 5:30PM EST) - The scans of Piece 1 middle and right have been replaced.  When cropping the scans I omitted one of the stores!! Geez, the economy is bad enough without me putting  a business out of work  :-)
Thanx to Eric for noticing the error!

Piece 1 Front

Piece 1 Back

Piece 3 Front

Piece 3 Back

Piece 5 Front

Piece 5 Back