Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TRAIN TIME: Nürnberg Verkehrsmuseum

First an update to an earlier post: This past January 5 I posted the scans to the Built-Rite #56-1 Church HOWEVER it was missing one piece which has since been identified as the tower roof. For a more complete update visit the post here:;postID=1668959794063322814

Today for Train Time I thought I'd do something a little different. For the next couple of weeks I'm going to share some pics taken at the Nürnberg Verkehrsmuseum (Nuremburg Transportation Museum) way back in 1989. This was kind of an odd trip as it was only a day trip for us. We got in the car, motored down to Nuremburg, found the museum, played tourist, and came right back home! I always wanted to go back and see more of this magnificent city but somehow we just never made it! sigh......

Oh well, I hope you like the photos of these awesome trains! Enjoy!

Below: Bavarian S 2/6 (1906) holder of the speed record 154.5 km/h in 1907.

Below: Prussian Freight Locomotive G3 (1884) one of the first Normen built steam locomotives

Two engines from the Deutsch Reichsbahn:
(L) Steam locomotive 05001 (1935), 2360 horsepower.  The sister locomotive to 05002 which set a world speed record in 1936 of 200.4 km/h
(R) Electric locomotive E 19 12 (1940) who's highest speed was 180 km/h

Stay tuned to this station as we bring more trains from Nuremburg next week.