Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mattel 2010 #R5383 1:50 Batman Returns Batmissile

In 1992 'Batman Returns' hit the screens with Michael Keaton reprising his role as Bruce Wayne / Batman. Also reprising its role in this movie is what some collector's call the 'Michael Keaton Batmobile'.  There are some neat twists to this Batmobile. The on-screen car has the ability to up-armor itself with Armadillo style armor (appearing magically via CGI effects). Also, during a chase scene in which the vehicle is confronted by a space too narrow for it to squeeze through, the fenders and fins are blown off, all four wheels retract to an in-line format, and voila', out from under all that additional body work comes the Batmissile roaring away into the night! - LOL What a hoot :-) This is one of the big reasons people enjoy Batman - all those gadgets and the constant re-imagining of them!

Here's a link to Jay Ohrberg's site, chronicling the building of the production Batmissile as used in the film:

Mattel's 1/50 scale die cast version came out in 2010 and is a re-boot of the earlier Ertl issue and features a sliding cockpit canopy. It's a small but nifty edition of this Batmobile variant. Enjoy!