Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marx 34 Pc Village and Construction Set - Bus Shelter

We're going to continue where we left off with the 34pc Marx Construction Village. The series was interrupted for the Olympics but we'll slowly but surely get on track with things. Today let's look at the Bus Shelter, something every fair sized community with bus service needs. Back in the day shelters were simple wood constructs but today they're often times sleek modern affairs. As a fatter of mact, right here near my house in Las Vegas, the bus shelters for the Express buses are futuristic looking affairs - very sleek and modern looking. Actually they're really neat lookin'!

Now remember that the scans for these buildings were originally posted back in early 2011, shortly after I started this blog. At that time I was still feeling my way around this whole blogging thing and simply never assembled or photographed the buildings. To view the scans for this shelter from Mar 17, 2011 go here: Bus Shelter scans

The shelter measures 2 1/5" (6.4cm) W x 1 1/8" (3.5cm) D x 2 1/8" (6cm) H

I've had questions from several readers about how to print these out or if they're scaled to any particular modeling size like HO or O, or if they were designed for 8 1/5" x 11" or A4 size paper stock, or whatever. The short answer is: Nope

Here's the thing. I get all these paper buildings, plop 'em on the scanner, clean up the scans some and post 'em. I really haven't tried to turn the scans into the equivalent of scale model kits. As busy as I am with things in general, doing that extra work just isn't possible at the moment. HOWEVER, it's actually a darn good idea and maybe I need to slowly, but surely, try my hand at it. I've seen paper model templates offered as .jpeg files or .PDF files and for our purposes it's probably best to do them as .jpeg's as I can't upload .PDF's in blogger. Anywho, it's something to think about for future posts. For today though let's take a look at this bus shelter - Enjoy!