Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TRAIN TIME: 1943 Milwaukee Road America's Roads to Victory

I took a kind of vacation this past couple of weeks as all the posts since the beginning of the Olympics were done in a marathon meet of posting a few weekends ago. That's the nice thing about blogger - you can write up a blog, schedule it for a later date, and just kick back for awhile. I used the time for some other projects and to watch the Olympics - which were really fun BTW. When it comes to the big games we're kinda wierd here at the Ice Berg household - some years really getting 'into' them, other years  we could care less, but this year we were really hyped up about them and had a lot of fun watching. But alas, now I've got to get active again and so here's our first post-break blog.

Our Train Time offering is what I believe has become an iconic image in regards to Milwaukee Road advertising as I see it used a pretty fair amount. Somewhere around here I have a tinplate sign made using the picture on this advertisement and I believe it's also been made into a computer mouse pad. The ad shows an overhead three-quarter frontal view of the Milwaukee Road's flagship Hiawatha passenger train passing by a freight train pulling a load of flat cars loaded with tanks for the war effort.  Enjoy!