Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Model Landscaping The Life-Like Way pgs 1 - 4

The other week I was going through some old files and paper stuff and came across two booklets I totally forgot I had. One of them was this landscaping booklet for Life-Like. If you're new to Toys & Stuff let me asure you this booklet isn't a 'how-to' treatise on growing daphodils, but if you have a model or toy train layout this may come in handy! I do remember getting both of the booklets in the box of a toy that was made in the 1950s and both of them have a definite '50s feel about them although I don't know the exact year of publication. The Life-Like booklet has 16 pages and is printed in a nice green and gray color scheme. The techniques shown here are just as useful for diorama making as they are for train layouts. We'll be featuring four pages at a time, so without further ado here's the first four pages - Enjoy!