Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TRAIN TIME: Early Wisconsin Rairoad Postmarks Pamphlet

*Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue our look at the 1932 Olympic Village cardboard buildings*

The neat thing about being interested in trains is the vast amount of different subjects a person could get immersed in. Imagine standing in the town sqaure in the middle of a city and radiating out from your vantage point are a myriad of roads each taking you to a different destination but ultimately all leading back to town center. That's what trains are like. One aspect of collecting - especially useful for those who don't have space for a layout - is paper. Brochures, pamphlets, ads, stationary, matchbook covers, railroad stocks, etc., all have the potential for not occupying a lot of space. Hmmmmm, but then again, collector's being the peculiar creatures they (we) will always find a way to fill up all available space :-) Oh heck, whoa am I kiddin'? I just like collectin' is all - simple as that!!

I've had today's featured pamphlet for so long I plumb forgot (been watchin' the Andy Griffith show all day - sorry), ahem, I plumb forgot where I got the thing. I think it came from a museum in Wisconsin. Don't know which one though. Don't matter. Enjoy!