Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mattel 2010 #R6456 1/64 scale 'Batman The Brave and the Bold' Batmobile

Today's post is a little late. Normally new entries are pre-posted during the week using blogger's scheduling feature but I'm behind on so many projects..... Speaking of behind, today's post was also s'posed to be another 'Dark Knight Rises' set but the photos haven't yet been edited, so instead we'll take a look at another Batmobile. My collection is growing slowly-but-surely and there are several more ready to be posted along with probably six more awaiting their session before the camera. Today's featured Batmobile is another of Mattel's Hot Wheels offerings in 1/64 scale. I posted a plastic version of this car from McDonald's Happy Meals back on Aug 14, 2011 (McDonald's Brave and The Bold Batmobile).
Before we get to the photos, I've been kicking  around a potential project in my head regarding Batmobiles in general. Right now, my garage (aka The Cave) is in need of some work and I'll need to divest myself of a bunch of stuff. That should - hopefully - clear out some space allowing room for some of these projects I've been planning. The idea I had for the Batmobile's is this: imagine if you will a somewhat large-ish cut-away display of the Batcave. Here's what gave me the inspiration.
This was culled off the Internet and I haven't a clue which comic issue this appeared in but it has the basic elements I'd like to see in a display

The display would be perhaps 12" (30.5cm) - 18" (45.7cm) deep at max (I'm thinking 12" might be optimal). It probably shouldn't exceed 30" (76.2cm) high and may need to extend to 48"(121.9cm) wide. Bruce Wayne's mansion (Not necessarily a cut-away house) would sit on top of the display. A mound - or perhaps an opening in the hill at the far end of the display - would serve as the hangar for the Bat Jet or Bat Copter. Lower levels would house a command center where the currently in-use Batmobile would be parked. But the primary purpose for this whole affair would be to display the various toy Batmobiles (1/43 scale and smaller). One big Bat Park Garage as it were. Anywho, it's something to think about and whether or not it actually gets built I can't tell you. Maybe I'll conjure up some sketches to get a feel for the whole thing and show them here.

So guys and gals how do you display your Batmobile collections? I'd be interested to see.

Okay, 'nuff said, on to the pics. Enjoy!