Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mattel 2011 #5389 1:50 Scale Batman Forever Batmobile

1995s 'Batman Forever' starring Val Kilmer in the title role was one of the more forgettable of the Caped Crusader movies. Even though it did quite well at the box office and was praised for its production values, it turned out to be a campier take on our hero than previous installments. However it had some really cool special effects and the overall lasting legacy was in keeping the legend alive and well for fans. Of course, fans of The Dark Knight always wait to see what cool new toys Batman is using. In this movie the Batmobile has some significant upgrades from its 'Batman Returns' predecessor: more pronounced fenders, a big dorsal fin in a nod to vintage Batmobiles, large stainless steel hubcaps with the Bat logo emblazoned on them, and last but not least is the light show. With the innards exposed via lattice-like  body work and the lights glowing through from underneath, this reminds me more of a rolling boom-box than a serious crime fighting vehicle and aids in giving the movie an overall campy impression. Now, that being said, campy is not necessarily a bad thing. The 1966 'Batman' TV show was campy and yet the 1966 Batmobile is one of the most beloved, iconic cars to have come out of Hollywood. So let's hear it for campy - yeaaaaah! This is a really neat looking Batmobile and the opening canopy is just icing on the cake. I actually like this Batmobile so much that one day I'd like to get the larger version made by Kenner with working lights. But for now, let's just gander at the photos and, as always - Enjoy!