Monday, October 1, 2012

H & H Sales Model 10 Vacation Cottage - White w-Red Roof

Way back on Nov 23, 2010 I posted an H&H Sales house with white walls and green roof (H&H Sales Cottage White/Green). Don't know why it took me so long to feature another one but ya know, there's just been soooo many things to post that I'm glad to finally be able to feature another one of these. As a fatter-of-mact, these photos were taken back in 2010 with the intent to post them - then I just never did.

H&H Sales & Manufacturing Company was based in Philadelphia. Back in November of 2010, Dave Farquhar provided further insight into H&H Sales: "The parent company of H&H, Hipwell Manufacturing Co., was a flashlight maker. They survived into this century before foreign competition finally wiped them out. I think their factory in Pittsburgh is still standing, but sadly vacant."
Their production of tin-litho houses suitable for 3-rail O-gauge train layouts was quite small. They essentially used the same stampings and simply changed either the wall or roof colors and called each one by a different name. All the houses were shipped flat, just like Marx and T. Cohn, requiring the purchaser to assemble them and had a tab inside the wall which held a small light socket. The windows were already cut out so that the light from inside could be seen. So now, from H&H Sales, our Twinkletown Model 10 Vacation Cottage with white walls and red roof. Enjoy!

The following box photos are courtesy of Steve Eastman - Many Thanx Steve!!

This is what an unbuilt house looks like straight from the box