Sunday, December 30, 2012

Running Press Bat-Signal

Okay, we're back to Batman this week :-)  Have you ever had so much you wanted to do that you were frozen to inaction? Right now I'm feelin' this mental log-jam that's affecting everything. I've got all these ideas pinging around in my head like those little steel balls in a pin-ball machine (and making a lot of racket in my head by-the-way) but for various reasons - excuses? - I just don't have the oomph to get started. It's not because of that damn fool end-of-the world garbage either, that stuff doesn't bother me. No, I think I got into a buying binge. I've been buying things for planned projects and got stuck in 'buy' mode. A bad habit to have is being good on 'planning' and poor on 'execution'. It doesn't help to plan and plan and plan and then never follow up and execute the project. Soooo, I'm gonna have to get off my rear bumper and actually start working on projects.
One of those projects is to take photos of things I already have and not wait for new stuff to come in and this is where today's toy comes in. This is a really cool battery operated Bat-Signal from a company called 'Running Press' (from I believe 2009) and from what I've seen they make nifty little super hero related toys. My sample did not come with the booklet as shown on the box however. Ever since I saw this Bat-Signal I thought it would probably look good on the train layout. After all, there is a Batcave on the layout, so it seems to me a logical progression to start populating it with villains and villain-mobiles and what not. Train layouts tend to take on two formats: highly detailed scale pikes with prototypical operations; or more toy-like with train-related accessories. One doesn't often see train layouts set up as a platform for toys of this nature and so I think I can liven things up a bit with the super hero theme. This signal will go on top of the Police Station located on the upper level of Marxville on my Marxville and Plateau (MaP) train layout.

This is the upper level of Marxville. There to the right is the Police Station with an Auburn Rubber Co. police car parked next to it. This is where I'd like to put the Bat-Signal - if I can negotiate the mountains of boxes that now block the way!!

Which brings me to the next project - CLEARING OFF THE TRAIN LAYOUT!!! Holy Cow what a mess!! I haven't actually run trains in over a year because of the clutter that has accumulated. I've been s-l-o-w-l-y selling off stuff to make room but it's been far too slow a process. Oh well. Enough wishin' & hopin' and on with the pics. Enjoy!

This photo is for size comparison. The Batmobile to the right is 1/50 scale.