Monday, December 31, 2012

Jayline No. 201 Suburban Station

My goodness, we started showing Jayline tin buildings at the beginning of the month and we're just now finishing up - and there's only three buildings to show!! Actually, Jayline made four buildings, but I only have three. Anywho, the last I have to offer is the #201 Suburban Station. It has a somewhat unusual design feature - the covered waiting area. There aren't very many tin-litho train stations with this feature as the majority of them tend to be simple boxes. My sample also has a working bell. A very annoying working bell I may add! It's just a simple doorbell and it is loud and clamorous. It's the type of accessory that, when you hook it up, you don't have the bell ring for very long. The station itself is nicely designed and is adorned in the same brown and yellow color scheme as all the Jayline buildings and has the added advantage of not being very big, thereby not taking up a lot of valuable toy train layout real estate. Enjoy! We Like it allot Bettina & Fritz Berg :)