Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Linemar Rolls Royce - Burgundy

Back on Dec 18, 2012 Toys & Stuff looked at the companion to today's car, the Linemar Cadillac Convertible. The Cadillac and the Rolls Royce were two of the quintessential luxus autos of the 1930s and Linemar did a nice job of capturing their 'elan in these two toys. Both were actually produced by Linemar in the 1950s and both were available as separate sale or as part of the Marx Untouchables playset. As part of the playset they would have been packaged in plain brown cardboard boxes made of lightweight stock. Fortunately we're able to present a separate sale car with its terrific little box which is adorned with some wonderful artwork. Both of these cars measure 5 1/4"  (13.3cm) L x 2 1/8" (5.4cm) W x 1 1/5" (3.8cm) H. As a fatter-of-mact :-) upon closer inspection they both utilize the same chassis - only the bodies differ. My sample is a deep burgundy, so deep in fact that I had to take it out into the sunlight to make sure of the color because in low light it almost looks black. This is a gorgeous little example of '50s Japanese tin-litho/tinplate art. Enjoy!

The following photos show some size comparisons to other '50s/'60s tinplate autos.