Monday, January 7, 2013

Parein Biscuit Tin 2

W-a-y back on Dec 10, 2010 Toys & Stuff featured a terrific Parein Biscuit Tin with "Parein Biscuits" store front graphics. Parein is a well known Belgium bakery and, like other European bakeries, used to sell their wares in wonderfully decorated tins. Most often the tins were in fanciful shapes but every so often they would be designed to look like structures. The nifty aspect to all this is that they are generally just the right size to display along with 3-rail O-gauge trains making them perfect for Märklin, Bing, or Hornby train layouts.

Today, we're working our way back to Parein with this vintage tin decorated as a combination European farm house and barn. Now, my American readers may think this a whimsical use of graphics, combining a barn and a house all in one, but in point of fact this is not an uncommon arrangement in many parts of the world. I know this from first hand experience as our first apartment in Mittelbach, Germany was one of those. We lived in the bottom street level apartment which at one time was the barn! Out back was the hof, or courtyard, and the landlords lived in the upper floors. The building was right on the main street and back in the day the cows would have been herded right onto main street and into the nearby fields. So without further ado, let's take a look at this wonderful vintage biscuit tin. Enjoy!