Sunday, February 17, 2013

1992 McDonald's Batman Returns Catwoman Cat Coupe

Last week Toys & Stuff looked at the 1992 Batman Returns 'Press-&-Go Car' McDonald's offered with its Happy Meals. The Press-&-Go Car was an odd design having no known prototype in the movie but it did offer a Batman-ish look and play value for the kids. But now I find myself in a quandary. I know there were a lot of toys and models of Bat-stuff produced that never actually appeared on TV or in the movies and were essentially exercises in the toy maker's art. If you're a toy company and want to produce a cool looking toy based on one of pop culture's biggest franchises then Batman would definitely be a natural. Okay fine. My problem is two-fold: Like the Press-&-Go Car I have yet to find verification on the web that today's Cat Coupe is in the movie; AND I really don't want to have the watch the movie again to verify it!! I really really don't. Right now drinking a beef liver and castor oil shake sounds more appealing! LOL
Whether in the movie or not, all four cars in the series are caricatures. Today's Catwoman Cat Coupe is a cute little sports car with an over-sized Catwoman figure that, when pushed along the table, the tail wags back and forth. One nifty  touch I failed to notice until I was editing the photos was the Catwoman head on the hubcaps. This is a nice little toy but I wonder how long that tail lasted in real play use as it  looks easy to break. Okay, 'nuff said - Enjoy!