Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gearbox Toys 2006 Flash Gordon Space Car Discovery 1956

Before we begin, one of our readers, Jules, who lives in South Africa, is looking for a set of Marx Cars of The Future. I checked out Classic Toy Soldiers, The Hobby Bunker, and Toy Soldiers of San Diego, these three having the best selection of repo Marx available today, but no luck. If anyone has a lead on where to get thes contact me please. Many Thanx!

Lately Toys & Stuff has been hooked on Flash Gordon. There have been so many Flash Gordon toys offered over the years that I'm in absolutely no position to feature them all here on this humble blog. And as many Flash toys as was made, there were many more Buck Rogers toys - according to the book "Blast Off! Rockets, Robots, Ray Guns, and Rarities From the Golden Age of Space Toys" by S. Mark Young, Steve Duin, and Mike Richardson (whew, what a mouth full!).
To the best of my knowledge, the most recent toy go-around with Flash and Buck occurred back in 2006 when Gearbox Toys put out a line of small diecast wheeled vehicles based on classic comic book artwork. The vehicles were nicely done but not nearly as free-wheeling as Mattel Hot Wheels. And while I have a soft spot for actual Golden Age toys these appealed to me because, while of modern output, they are based on classic designs. Which brings me finally to today's toy, a Space Car based on a Flash Gordon comic strip from 1956. The car itself is not actually Flash Gordon's but one which appears on a planet he is on.  In the strip it looks as if it were a hover craft of some sort which the toy mimics in that it sits very low to the surface, however, it doesn't have the open cockpit as shown in the artwork. I have seen Midgetoy space cars 1950s with a somewhat similar appearance to this but not nearly as colorful. This little gem is a nice addition to those interested on Golden Age space design, or space cars, or Flash Gordon. Enjoy!