Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gearbox Toys 2006 Flash Gordon Space Rocket

When I bought the Gearbox Toys Flash Gordon Space Car some months back I really thought that would be it for me. It's a really nice car but the rest of the series at first didn't 'speak' to me - until I started looking a little closer. While the toys themselves are recent productions - 2006 - they are based on Golden Age designs which I'm interested in somewhat more than other eras, so I took the plunge and went ahead and bought the rest of the series (for a good price of course!). Some of the designs are Flash Gordon, while others are Buck Rogers and the next few weeks reviewing these Gearbox Toys will be a good lead-in to a series coming up here on Toys & Stuff. Stay tuned to this station :-)
Today we'll be looking at a rocket ship design appearing in a 1953 Flash Gordon comic strip. The toy itself looks like it has been selectively compressed when compared to the comic strip artwork, but it captures the overall feel. These are meant to be floor toys as evidenced by their wheels but they are no match for Mattel Hot Wheels. To be sure the wheels on these roll, but not nearly as freely as Hot Wheels. Still, they're neat, and make a good addition to anyone's small space fleet. Enjoy!