Sunday, March 3, 2013

1992 McDonald's Batman Returns Batmobile

The past several weeks Toys & Stuff has been looking at Happy Meal toys for Batman Returns. Well, I saved the best for last, the Batmobile! McDonald's 1992 Happy Meal tie-ins for the Batman Returns movie were all caricature toys and this is no exception but differs from the others in that there is no character figure portrayed. It also differs in that it is two toys in one - a working Batmobile and the Batmissile. It's a clever design having the Batmissile nesting in the middle of the Batmobile body - press the button on top of the Batmobile's roof and the spring-loaded Batmissile flies out. While not exactly true in form to the Batmissile seen in the movie I believe the toymaker's designed it to discourage putting it in the mouth. You know what kids are like - give 'em a toy and half of its life is spent in their mouth chewing it to pieces! The actual Batmissile design was rather long and narrow - like a pencil on wheels - and would have made a terrific kiddie lollipop, but McDonald's wider, beefier design would probably have prevented any choking hazard. Next week see how all these toys come together in McDonald's counter-top display. Enjoy!