Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gearbox Toys 2006 Buck Rogers Spaceship (Martians Invade Jupiter 1942)

Me and My Wife Bettina really enjoyed these little Golden Age-style spaceships from Gearbox. At first blush they didn't really do anything for me but when I came to realise they were all designs based on vintage Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon comic strip art they won me over. Then it occurred to me that their small size is probably quite compatible with the old Tootsietoy line of Buck Rogers space ships from the 1930s! Okay, now the hunt is on for those as well!

Today's particular toy is based on the 'Martians Invade Jupiter' story line and is from 1942. During the 13 years which passed from the 'Meeting The Mongols' spaceship design featured last week, we find a spacecraft which is a bit more 'fussy', that is to say more detailed. It has portholes, a multitude of armament - reminding me of what would have been the latest in bomber design for use during WWII - a long dorsal fin, concentric rings wrapping the fuselage, but no wings this time. The basic design is still that of a bullet shell - with bling :-)  Gearbox gave the ship a cheerful red, white, and blue  color scheme and put some wheels on the bottom so kids could roll it along the table or floor and even gave it rotating guns. Overall its a nice addition to any one's fleet of Golden Age of Space Design space ships and I think is our favorite of the Gearbox series. Enjoy It Bettina & Fritz Berg :)

They are Awesome Love Them You Are Good In Taking Picture Deine Gattin Bettina  :)