Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On The Hunt

***UPDATE Mar 13, 2013***

Here's a website provided by one of our regular reader's 

The site features an Eldon catalog from 1964 and I do believe I found the set I had as an ankle biter. Actually there's two possibilities, the set listed on page 4 or the one on page 5. I'm leaning towards the page 4 one. I do remember adding stuff over the years but couldn't remember what the basic set contained. There was a hobby shop near my high school - Hank's Hobby Shop - and he had two commercially made slot car tracks; a smaller one for HO scale cars, and a much larger one for everything from 1/32 scale up to 1/18 scale and occassionally we would run our cars there. I think it was after that phase that I had begun to get interested in HO scal model railroading where I pretty much stayed put for the next several decades.

Anywho, those rusty gears in my noggin are turning ever so slowly. We shall see, we shall see......

No pics this time because I am trying to track down a memory from my childhood. I had an Eldon 1/32 slot car set as a youngun', sometime around ohhh 1963 or so. I have several distinct memories and some cloudy ones. What I do know:

-It was an over-&-under figure 8 with lap counter
-It had one red and one white pistol grip speed controller

What I think I know:
-It originally came with Indy style car and a Ferrari

I do remember buying other cars in later years like the Crash Jalopy's and also a grandstand by Revell(?) and additional track to expand it. I've been haunting eBay to try and figure out the set number and original contents. Many are close but usually have the other style speed controller similar to a joystick in which one presses down on the control with their thumb.

Anywho, if there's any slot car experts out there let me know if this set sounds familiar.