Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kenner 1996 #28894 Batwing

Last week we started a short series of toys Kenner produced as tie-ins to the movie 'Batman Returns' with Michael Keaton reprising his role as the Dark Knight. The Batwing appeared towards the end of the movie and was promptly destroyed in a very rough landing. To me, this version of the Batwing looks like a mechanical crab. It still looks neat but those forward thrusting wings and multi-pointed fuselage simply makes it look crustacean-like.

The toy itself is die cast and the first thing that came to mind after opening the blister card is "paper weight". It's unusually designed in that the fuselage and wings are not fully fleshed-out, rather the top half of the plane is full while the bottom half is totally flat with a piece of plastic screwed underneath. Perhaps Kenner thought it would be better for kids to 'land' the plane without damaging any detail underneath? Anywho, it's a nice little addition to the small side of Batman vehicles.Enjoy!