Saturday, May 11, 2013

Premier Plastics & Knock-off Flash Gordon Space Ships – Pt 5 9" Soft Plastic Wide Body

When I was a kid the Premier Plastics Flash Gordon space ships were among my favorite toys. They must have been because why else would they stand out so vividly in my memory after soooo many years? Their styling must have said 'cool' even to my young eyes and as an adult they still fascinate me. I decided to start this series with the 9" size ships first as they have the least number of variations - that I know of. There were two body styles; The Dart and the Wide Body, both of which are my designations by the way. The ships were made in hard plastic by Premier Plastics, but I am of the opinion that all soft plastic versions were knock-offs. There are no makers marks on any ship regardless of size or type plastic used.

Today we complete our look at the 9" inch ships and feature the soft plastic Wide Body. All ships came in a variety of colors and today's ship is in a nice red. Often times these large soft plastic versions have a distinct warping right down the center causing them to look droopy however, they are able to stand up to a pretty fair amount of rough play. Enjoy!