Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013_06_29 - The Waning Gibbous

We've been learning a thing or two about the Moon lately. One little tidbit we picked up was that the phase the Moon is currently in is a called the 'Waning Gibbous'. 'Gibbous' for me was an odd word and so it just cried out for looking it up in the dictionary:

gib·bous Adjective /ˈgibəs/

adjective: hunchbackedconvexhumpbackedbulging,protuberant
  1. (of the moon) Having the observable illuminated part greater than a semicircle and less than a circle
  2. Convex or protuberant
    • gibbous eyes

Web definitions

I s'pose it had to happen sooner or later but last night the camera started acting up. I had gone to bed early (12:30AM) while Bettina kept trying to shoot. When I awoke she told of the problems and it seems the display simply refuses to work properly in the 'Manual' setting which we've been using. The following pictures were taken in the 'Aperture Priority' setting which works fine but the point is the camera may be on its last legs. No surprise as over the past few years I've shot tens of thousands of photos with it!



Last shot for today. It's 7:44AM and already getting hot outside - 94°F - so we're packing it in for today.