Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kurt Adler #BM0153 Batmobile

Kurt S. Adler, Inc., is a company which specializes in Christmas decorations, importing and distributing decorations from around the world. One of the series of ornaments is a line of Batmobile's, however I haven't yet figured out just how many different cars they've released. The licensed Batman products currently listed on their website don't include any Batmobile's. To date I've been able to identify at least four different models, one of which is featured here today on Toys & Stuff which I was able to get this for a decent price because it came without the original box. 

The ornament itself is 1/43 scale and made of plastic with non-movable wheels. On my particular example the chassis wasn't aligned with the body and so the right front tire raises upward from the surface. When displayed hanging from a Christmas tree branch, something like that is rather immaterial, but collector's like us who put vehicles down on flat surfaces readily notice this. Overall it really is a cool edition to the Batmobile fleet and as the search continues for other variations perhaps they'll show up here. Until then - Enjoy!