Sunday, June 23, 2013

22 and 23 June 2013 Super Moon Over Vegas

We started this whole thing about 8:30 PM last night and before we knew it we were up all night. That is to say my wife was up all night - somewhere about 3AM I just had to take a nap :-). The last time we posted photos of the Moon we just peppered a whole bunch of photos, but I think we'll do something a little different this time. The all-nighter was divided into 'sessions' - go outside, take a bunch of pics, come back in and sit a spell, then go outside for another round (BTW, somehow we lost the pics from one of those 'sessions' - they simply didn't download and when I tried putting the memory card in the computer they just weren't there - oh well). So what we'll do today is post a single pic from each session. It's interesting to see how the Moon 'rotates' to the right as the night progresses. During each session we were trying different camera settings and so there's some variation in color. Enjoy!

2013_06_22 0833hrs

2013_06_22 0924hrs

2013_06_23 0158hrs

2013_06_23 0251hrs

2013_06_23 0338hrs

2013_06_23 0436hrs

2013_06_23 0521hrs 

2013_06_23 0522hrs

Our 30+yr old tripod was bought  for taking stills - it's a lesson in frustration though when using it for videos as the pan/tilt mechanism is anything but smooth so the last couple of minutes, as the moon makes its final descent behind the mountains is kind of shaky.