Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mattel 2011 1/43 #R5388-0718HT Batman & Robin Batmobile

Before we get started I thought it would be neat to post this picture I cobbled together last night. My wife and I spent nearly all night taking pictures of the Super Moon (actually, I had to take a nap for a couple of hours). We got a pretty good mix of pics that turned out good and some that didn't. However a couple of the 'not so good' photos were neat enough or moody enough to be used anyway, and soooo we have The Bat Man and his ride on the prowl under a Super Moon.

Next up is today's latest Batmobile offering: the Mattel 2011 Batman & Robin Batmobile. While the movie itself may have been panned by critics, the Batmobile is a wonderful, over the top rendition of Batman's ride. Personally I like it. So, without further ado - Enjoy!