Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ertl 1992 #2479-7HAO 'Batman Returns' Batskiboat

The hardware in the Batman movies was really cool but unfortunately so many of the nifty gadgets came to a bad end; Batmobile's wrecked, Batwing crash landing, and in our case, this Batskiboat coming to very rough stop. This hydrofoil type machine only had a few dramatic on-screen moments before it's screen career was cut short. Tsk, tsk, what a shame. Oh well, we have the toy to enjoy. The Batskiboat, which is copyrighted 1992, is die cast and has a matte finish making it a top-notch dust collector. For me it was a little tricky to photograph because I don't use any fill lights, depending only on the ambient sunlight filling the outdoor patio which means the details had to be brought out using the computer. Although I have a fondness for Batmobiles, there were also so many cool peripheral vehicles over the years that are fun to collect as well and the Batskiboat makes a nice addition to the growing fleet. Enjoy!

This shot shows the Batskiboat next to Ertl's 'Batman Returns' Batman figure. The figures are about 1/32 scale making the Batskiboat about 1/64 scale - or perhaps a tad smaller.