Monday, June 10, 2013

T. Cohn Naval Base Warehouse No. 8

T.Cohn was one of Marx's chief competitor's in the playset market and when it came to tin-litho pieces, their artwork was every bit as good as Marx. While both companies offered little green Army men, large service stations, and Old West forts Marx never really did come out with a Navy Base. Marx had the Army, Marines, Air Force, space, and American Civil War pretty well covered but for some reason shied away from Navy-themed sets. Well, T. Cohn covered that quite well with their Naval Base playset which featured a tin-litho base surrounded by plastic barbed-wire fence, a tin-litho warehouse, and a set of tin-litho piers. There was a nice big dock crane, three plastic ships, a fleet of vehicles, cargo, and a set of sailors busily going about their routine. Unfortunately I do not have a complete set, and am missing the box, a ship, sailors, and small detail pieces. But I do have the tin and can at least feature those over the couple of weeks, starting today with the neat little Warehouse No. 8. Like Marx, T. Cohn recycled stampings to use in various sets and you'll recognize this warehouse in its other incarnations as the farm shed, and Pony Express Stable roof shed. There was also a Civil War mansion using this stamping which I don't yet have. They all appear to have non-decorated interiors - apparently T. Cohn didn't think the extra detailing was worth the investment  Enjoy!