Saturday, June 22, 2013

Premier Plastics & Knock-off Flash Gordon Space Ships – Pt 11 5" Dart v.6

Today is the last Flash Gordon 5" Dart variant that I'm aware of.  The biggest difference between this one and all the other versions is the appearance of only 6 windows behind the cockpit vs. 7. Here's the particulars for version 6:

5” Darts v.6
- Soft plastic
- Knock-off
- 6 windows behind cockpit
- 3 tall struts in place of wheels in tricycle landing gear arrangement
- No number underneath fuselage
- No stiffening ribs between windows
- Platform molded above engine nacelles to accommodate spaceman
- Original exhaust

Next Saturday on Toys & Stuff we'll begin looking at the 5" Wide Body ships. Enjoy!