Friday, July 12, 2013

2013_07_12 Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics - Sunset & Sickle Moon

Carpenter 1 Fire Update: Having burned upwards of 28,000 acres, the Carpenter 1 Fire is now 43% contained aided in large part by rains which have hit Southern Nevada since yesterday and putting us in a Flash Flood Warning.

Much of that smokey air has been pounded to the ground by the rains and the air smells a lot fresher than it has in days. There is still a great deal of cloud cover and this has made for a terrific photo op as evidenced by the following photos. Joining us today is my daughter Shelly who too has been out there, camera in hand, capturing splendid Big Sky Pics - Enjoy!

The following photos are by Bettina Berg

The following photos are by Michelle (Shelly) Berg

Our camera is no longer working the way it should. We used to use the 'Manual' setting for taking pictures of the Moon but it simply no longer works in that setting. Apparently we'll have to get Shelly to haul out her camera whenever we want Moon shots! She captured tonight's sickle Moon quite nicely.

Thank You Shelly!