Saturday, July 13, 2013

Premier Plastics & Knock-off Flash Gordon Space Ships – Pt 14 5" Soft Plastic Wide Body v.3

Today we cover the last known 5" Wide Body Flash Gordon space ship variant. There may be variants out there of which I'm unaware but I think i've got a real good start on the identification process.  Here are the particulars:

5” Wide Body’s v.3
- Actually measures 4 1/2"
- Soft plastic
- Knock-off
- 6 windows behind cockpit
- 3 short struts in place of wheels in tricycle landing gear arrangement
- No number underneath fuselage
- Stiffening ribs between windows
- Whistle exhaust (aka ‘Whistle Butt’) – only appears on soft plastic variants


Here's a comparison shot of 5" Wide Body's V.2 and v.3, both soft plastic (SP)

If pigs could fly! 
With upturned snout, short stumpy legs, and longer tail this is one ugly space ship. It looks like a space pig!

Okay, this is strange - I'm trying to figure out why Picassa's built-in .gif generator would take two dissimilar photos and turn those into a .gif file! It looks neat I admit, but it's goofy.