Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A. #5206 Untouchables Set - Pt 1

Followers of Toys & Stuff know that we've been able to feature some of the original Marx tin-litho playset pieces. I don't own a complete original Marx set but do have the buildings and vehicles. Original figures for the set have simply become priced out of reach for many collectors and so we have to rely on other means to flesh out our sets. One way is to buy the sets made by Juguetes Dinamicos de Mexico, S.A.(translated: Dynamic Toys of Mexico). Sometimes these too can be pricey - this set selling for about $100 - but you do get a lot of pieces and the entire complement of figures that originally came with the Marx sets. Quite a few of the old Marx plastic toys are still being made in Mexico and they have become a great way to get that vintage Marx feel often times for a fraction of the cost of original Marx.

Normally when sets like this get blogged I'll do it in multiple parts spread out over several weeks. I believe it's time to try a different tact - covering the set in multiple parts on successive days. Let's start this off with the box, playmat, and set contents.

The set comes in this cardboard 'briefcase' similar to the carry-all sets produced by Marx, Ideal, and others.

Contents (all soft plastic except for playmat)

Garage Group, 12 pcs (truck tooling modified to increase height vs. the originals):
                Dump truck, 1, black
                Removable snow plow (aka ramming blade), 1, black
                Semi-tractor, 1, black
                Compressor, 1, black
                Jack Hammers, 3, black
                Wheel sets, 5,  black
Distillery Group, 22 pcs:
                8 Vats, silver
                Dolly w/handle, 4pcs, blue/white
                Barrels, 4, blue/white
                Hand trucks, 2, blue/white
                Lanterns, 2, blue/white
                Sacks, 2, blue/white
Bank Group, 24 pcs:
                Desks, 2, blue/white
                Cashier Cages, 2, blue/white
                Safes, 2 blue/white
                Filing Cabinets, 2, blue/white
                Swivel type Office Chairs, 2, blue/white
                Coat Racks, 2, blue/white
                Cashier/Checkout Counters, 2, blue/white
                Gas Cans (stack), 2, blue/white
                Gas Cans (single), 6, blue/white
Saloon Group, 18 pcs
                Banquette Seating, 1, white
                Ping Pong Table, 1, green
                Juke Box, 1, blue
                Bar, 1 red
                Upright Piano, 1, white
                Large Round Table (plain), 1, red
                Small Round Cocktail Table, 1, white
                Dining Table w/Place Settings, 2, blue/white
                Barstools, 2, blue/white
                Armchairs (large), 2, red/yellow
                Dining Chairs, 4, blue/white
                Large Rectangular Table, 1, white (not shown on box photo)
Alley Group, 12 pcs:
                Barricades,2 assemblies = 6pcs, blue/white
                Street Signs, 2, blue/white
                Streetlamps w/Callbox, 2, blue/white
                Fire Hydrants, 2, blue/white
Weapons Group, 10 pcs
                Tommy Guns, 4 blue/white
                45mm Pistols, 4, blue/white (I missing in my photos), blue/white
                Violin Cases, 2, blue/white
 People Group, 32 pcs (assignation of Good Guys or Bad Guys is subjective)
                Gun Moll, 4, orange (1), red (2), white (1)
                Crook, Hands in Air, 2, white
                Gangster Shot, pistol and Hat Falling, 2, red, light red
                Gangster Pulling Gun Out of Golf Club Bag, 3, red
                Gangster w/scarf over mouth Pointing Pistol, 2, white/orange
                Gangster w/Hands Hand-cuffed Behind Back, 1, white
                Casualty Lying on Ground, 1, gray
                Cop Firing Tommy Gun, 2, red
                Fed w/Tommy Gun at Waist Pointing Down, 1, white
                Fed w/Tommy Gun at Waist Aiming (or Firing), 2, light red,
                Fed w/Pistol, Crouching, 1, red
                Fed Running w/Axe, 1, light red
                Fed Reaching into Coat (for Badge? For Weapon? For Arrest Warrant?), 6, 3 red/3 light red/ 3
                Fed w/Pistols Pointing Downward, 3, white/red/orange
                Fed w/no hat or coat, Pistol Pointing Out and Left Arm Extended, 1, light red

Playmat, multi-fold cardboard, 34 5/8” x 30”
The playmat is cardboard and unfolds like a puzzle. The graphics give the viewer the appearance of looking straight down onto the scene as if the roofs were removed from the buildings.

All playmats tend to be problematic and this one is no exception. Being cardboard it is prone to warping from changes in humidity. Plastic mats have a hard time laying flat as the creases where they are folded tend to stick up.        Like it Deine Frau Gattin Bettina :)